1. a sudden, extensive, or notable disaster or misfortune

Maybe it's just bad luck, or maybe it's the "first year curse." I've always heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I never believed it.... till now.

{Here, I'll tell it From the Beginning}
It was Friday, and I was bored, and I had a coupon that would make getting Ben a new pair of jeans that actually look good pretty stinkin' cheap. (He needs them real bad. The one pair I got for him for our engagement pictures are loosing their store bought  fake fade and are starting to get the "I wear these jeans too much" fade) So I was on my merry little ways to the nearest town that has stores worth shopping at about 30 minutes away when I ran into a traffic jam. In Idaho! I can't believe there are even enough people in Idaho to have a traffic jam! I guess that's Montana I'm thinking of. Anywho- I'm sitting there waiting for the cars to move and all of a sudden out of nowhere My engine just cuts off, and me and my car are just sitting there on the freewayish. (I say freewayISH because it's not enough lanes to be like a Phoenix freeway but the speed limits are normally higher than on a highway.) And it just figures that of all times, the traffic has to start moving NOW. Thankfully it wasn't moving to quickly, so I hop out of my car and walk back to the truck behind me and ask if he knew anything about cars. No such luck. But he does agree to help me push it off to the side of the road. Then he went back to his truck before I even got to yell out thank you -Kids these days. After about 3 eternities worth of trying and failing I call my dad and ask him how to get it going again. He instructs me and sure enough there it goes. 
I've now decided that I don't want to go into town anymore and decide to head home. I make it about 100 feet, to where the turn around median break is before it dies again. Awesome.  Another 3 eternities later I get it started and decide to just go the the gas station across the rest of the lanes of the freewayish. The only bit of good luck that I had through this whole experience is that JUST as I get the car started again there is a big enough gap for me to make it to the other side and I die again just after clearing and cost into the gas station's lot. 

Yep. So after consulting with Ben on the phone I decide to call my BFFAEAE, Mikka Shoe! Sure we aren't as close as we where before I got hitched, but she will save me for sure!
**ring. ring. ring**
M: "hello?"
N: "can you come get me" I even have a quiver in my voice because I'm so close to crying I might as well sound like I am. 
M: oh my gosh, the first fight we knew would happen eventually has happened. It must have been bad if she couldn't even stay there! "yeah. I'm on my way."
N: "I'm at the shell gas station between this town and this other town."
M: A fight in the car and he left her there! "OK."
N: "My car broke down and I'm stuck here."
M: Nevermind "OOOHHHH. Ok. I'll be there real soon" 

Mikka then comes to my rescue and we get in the car and drive away. Soon enough she cheers me up. Just as we are just about AT Rexburg I realize that I left my keys in my car with it turned on. So we turn around and get there to realize that yep, they are there and the car is in fact on. One thing that I DID remember to do was to lock the doors. Perfect. So we get back into her car and go to get Ben's set of keys just to get my keys out. Oh, and to top things off, about 6 miles before this whole thing happened, I filled up the gas tank.

I can't make this stuff up folks. 

{Current mode of transportation}
Yes, those ARE my feet. 
Turns out that the car is not even worth fixing. We're going to buy another car... someday. I think that the first year of marriage is only hard because that is when you are flat broke and the universe is does all it can to make sure it stays that way. Other than that, we're still doing just fine!

In case you lost count; that is now two cars that we've gone through in two months time. 

{Moral of the Story}
Just because the coupon is awesome doesn't mean it's worth using.

"I aint got no car, and I've got one pair of jeans. They've been stretched too far and now they're weak at the seams. I can't see whats next, and I've got nothing up my sleeve. But I don't loose my head, cuz it aint really up to me. And I'm doin' just fine. I'm always landing on my feet in the nick of time, by the skim of my teeth. I aint gunna stress cuz the worst aint happened yet. Somethin's watchin' over me, like sweet serendipity."


  1. hahaha, i hope you and ben never fight because that was a really stressful few seconds!!!

  2. Im so sorry. My car has been a PITA too lately. :/