Do you know what that Smell is? THAT would be the smell of freedom! Put away your number 2 pencils and textbooks and break out the flip-flops and frizbees because ladies and gentlemen it's now SUMMER TIME! And the cherry on top of the  freedom sunday? Ben and I are now the proud owners of a gently-ish used 2000 Audi A6! Yes, we have a car again! Hopefully our luck will be better with this one...

"And what",might you ask "are you going to do with your new found freedom?" Well, I'll tell ya! 

At this very moment, as I was typing my blog post about freedom, I was VICIOUSLY ATTACKED by a GIANT bug! OK. In all reality it was just walkng by me with it's trillion legs. I'm not sure if it was a centipede or a millipede, I was too busy freaking out and telling Ben to kill it to count. BUT if I hadn't acted immediately, it very well could have viciously attacked me. Thankfully I was saved by my heroic husband., even though he had to prey himself away from his game. I will remain on this side of the office until the corpse is disposed of. After all, it could be a zombie bug.

     Now what was I talking about...
 With all this free time, I'm going to take up a few crafty hobbies. You know sewing, pretty things making, and maybe I'll get better at this cooking thing.  I have also decided to start training for a triathlon. I figure, I like running, and I like swimming and biking, well... that's going to be the  really challenging part of it. Oh yeah, and I'm looking for another job to suck up all that free time I plan on having, but let's face it. There's no such thing as freetime. BUT! I am free to drive to whatever new job I can get with our shiny new (used) car!  

Also, I have a  job interview at the plasma center on Tuesday. Wish me luck! 

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