Life just got awesome.... er.

So... there for a while I was vastly underwhelmed with life. I am so glad that I am able to stay home with Ian and all but I was getting BORED. Not only was I bored but I felt slightly guilty for lounging in my jams watching Netflix (and Ian) all day while my husband was out working SO hard at finishing up school and providing for our family. Motherhood was hard at first, but well... before the first year was over I sorta had things down. Now that I've learned how to be Mom, it's time to let Nichole back into existence.

One week ago I started my very own business as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant!! I know!! It's a big deal!! I am so super excited to be doing this and to be involved with this company! They are more than just skin care and make up, they are like... super women makers! But really, if a woman is going to have a successful, and advancing Mary Kay business she can't help but become more confident, more caring, a better leader, and altogether more Christ like. 

A while ago, and not even a very long while ago, I was reading my patriarchal blessing (to find out what the heck that is click HERE) and it made me so sad to realize that the amazingly strong, faithful, itellegent, service oriented person that was described in it was not me. While there were things that I liked about where I was at in my life I couldn't help but feel like I was falling very short of my potential. That's never a good feeling.

Then along comes the opportunity to join this wonderful network of women (and a few men) that, to me, is second only to Relief Society. It is truly focused on building women. And when you build up women as women, not as men 2.0, the rest of the world goes with them. While one of the goals is to make money (AND IT DOES!) I strongly feel that that is just one of the tools used to build women up.

Shop 24 hours a day! Visit me, your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant: www.marykay.com/nicholemauriala

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