Getting there...

So I realized that this year is gunna be a doozy! Mostly just the next couple of months. Not only we expecting a little boy but there's work and school and the regular "life" things.... I don't know what I was thinking taking on everything, after all, I'm only two people! (I may have been saving up that joke for a while...) Actually it shouldn't be all that bad. I'm only taking two online classes and as soon as the little one decides to make his way into the world I'll have maternity leave, plus my mom is going to come up around the time Bebe comes to  help with the little "life" things for a while. I would say I've got it pretty good. 

Now all we have to do is get ready for him and pick a name. Ben knows what he would name him and I know what I would name him. Sadly, they are not the same names... awkward parental moments already- awesome

In other news: I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant with the HULK. Not because he's green or particularly large- at least, I don't think he's green... the ultrasound wasn't in color. But what leads me to this conclusion is that he is mighty! For reals, after he has been particularly "active" I'm sore in that one spot! Parental abuse maybe? At least he seems to be healthy, that's what's most important.

I also made Ben buy a daddy book so that I would feel like he was being more proactive. Actually he just picked a gender neutral baby prep book, but I'll take what I can get. (Thanks for humoring me, babe.) The other night after I noticed he was reading it I asked what he's learned about being a dad so far and he said that most of what he read doesn't really apply to him yet. I was a little put out until he told me it was because it was about breastfeeding, I guess he doesn't have the proper anatomy for that, so I got over it. 

I don't think that any baby shower invitations got mailed out to people that aren't in Rexburg or maybe they got lost in the mail or something. Either way- I'm sorry if you have been waiting outside your mailbox everyday only to find your mail person greet you with bills and ads instead of cute blue invitations. Please accept this digital version instead:

Also, here is another link to the universal baby registry, not that I've learned anything new about bottles or bedding.

We also took some maternity pictures when I was nearly 32 weeks along. Feel free to gush. If anyone in the Rexburg area is looking for a good Photographer I highly recommend Natasha.  Natasha's Website.


we were trying to make a heart...

other favorite

I told Ben I wouldn't put some of them on here (like this one) welp, I lied.

I look a little uncomfortable, that's pregnancy for you though! plus that duck is dang cute.

{Moral of the Story}

I'm still Pregnant, but I think I'll make it...


Elephant sized

This week Ben and I got back from Arizona where we spent Christmas with our families. :) I love that place so much! And to think, when I was in High School I thought anywhere else would be better. So I was wrong. It's been known to happen! 

Another awesome thing that happened this week was I hit the 3/4 mark. WooHoo! I have 9 weeks and some change left in this pregnancy. Maybe I'll make it after all. I still feel like I have everything left to do before Jr. arrives though. We have almost no baby stuff. Not even a single diaper. We're going to make such wonderful parents, don't you think? I'm kidding, we're not THAT bad. (except for the part about not having a single diaper, we actually are that bad) We just haven't purchased much in the way of baby equiptment, but we I have everything all picked out. Here! Just see for yourselves: 

OK. Confession: maybe it doesn't have EVERYTHING on there, but what can you expect from a first time mom? You should have seen how dumbfounded I was when I clicked on the bottle section of amazon.com!  Why on earth would they need that many different types of bottles?! So, after a slightly major meltdown I picked one or two types to try out. I figure if we like them we'll get more. I'm still not even sure if they'll work with expressed milk. I'm not that clueless about everything baby, just bottles and little things like that where there are 57.34 trillion options and they all have 4 star ratings. 

Oh! I also recently broke down and bought my first maternity clothing items. I got two shirts that I love and two different colors of bands to hold up my pants. I love them, except they only sometimes hold my pants up. If I bend over or sit down too many times without adjusting and I run into problems. I've come to terms with the fact that pregnant ladies aren't meant to wear jeans comfortably. Mostly the reason I love them is because I can look like I'm dressed but can still have my pants unbuttoned. For those out there that are still lost on what I'm talking about, they're basically just spandex tubes you wear around the tops of you're pants/skirts/slacks.  

Anyways here are some pictures!

This was at 27 weeks
And this is how much I've exploded to at 30 weeks!
 I know it kind of looks like I've got a volley ball under my shirt, but it's just baby. Kind of depressing, hu? I've outgrown my baggiest tee shirts and have now moved on to Ben's. Honestly, I think I'll out grow his before this kid is done with me.