The annual automobile misfortune came a bit early this year. If you remember, last July, my car broke down and we had to resort to walking everywhere. This year, the first week in June, our car pooped out on us again. For the past few weeks we've had to return, once again, to this mode of transportation:
yep, still my feet...

 As it turns out our alternator gave out. (or at least that's what I'm told.) Thankfully, we live in this really awesome ward full of awesome people, including one very handy guy with tools and a buddy that are willing to replace it for us. Yay! Now we don't have to figure out how to get it out of the parking lot and to a mechanic. And I'm about 100% certain he isn't trying to rip us off. I'm thankful for helpful people like him, we don't even know that family super well-they're just awesome

Oh and I have a funny story to share, you'll just love it:

 On the day that our car broke down, I met Ben at his work and he told me he didn't have the car for me to pick up because it wouldn't start. great. So I walked my happy butt home and as we decided I would try to take it to the automotive store to get the battery checked. Once I arrived I decided to try to start the car and if it went I would go right to the automotive store. Welp, it started. I was on my way and I made it all the way the point where I would be blocking  one of the ENTIRE entry ways to my apartment complex before it died. So... not very far at all. I then called some friends to have their husband come out to help and this one guy in a ferrari (I've never had occasion to spell that before, I had to goolge it.) stopped to give me a jump. So with all that assistance I was able to get my car out of the entryway, I didn't make it between the lines or even all the way to the curb, but people could get in and out of our complex just fine. So we left it there while we (me, ben, and the awesome guy noted earlier.) figured ou our next move; this took/is taking longer than expected. We'll it wasn't very long until I needed to do some grocery shopping so I asked my friend, Mary, if should could give me a ride to the store and on our way she told me that her and my other friend, Abby, had found a note on our car that said, "learn to park."  That was just not very nice so they took it off and a little while later when they came back there was another note that said the same thing only it was taped around all the edges, we guess so that it wouldn't blow away. They took that note off too and considered having a stake out with Nerf-guns to catch the culprit in case they came back for round three. After hearing this I went and put a note on my car that  read, "Our car actually broke down. Thankfully we were able to get it out of the entryway for you. 'be kind. everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.'

{Moral of the Story} 

Some will go out of their way to be kind and others will go out of their way to be harsh.  The sort of person we are is determined by the choices we make.


that dam 10k

At the begging of this semester Mikka and I decided that we would start training for the Teton Dam 10K. (and you thought I had a potty mouth, shame!) Welp, that was this weekend! for the two week period before hand I had run a whopping 2 times! Admittedly, not exactly the best method of training  for a running event...I probably could have done better but all things considered, I think I killed it

In the morning before the race Mikka came to pick me up we stood around a waited for our race to start, snapped the beauty below, then waited around a bit more thinking about the dreaded hill I would be running up.  


 Then we all gathered behind the start line in no particularly organized fashion and waited for the starting gun. The we were off! I started off at a pace slightly faster than what I would normally pick for a long race like this and was almost immediately distracted by the 6ish year old boy that was passing me (who, by the way, I never caught up to. my pride is a little sore...) 

Mile 1 was pretty easy because it was fairly level and I was still just warming up a bit. Mile 2 was nice a level for the first bit but then we turned a corner and There it was.The hill that would not stop for another 2 or maybe it was 3 miles. I can't be too sure since I've worked hard to try and blot that from my memory. Anyhow, it's safe to say that the second half of mile two and all of mile 3 and the first half  of 4 SUCKED. (it's over now though.) Then I got to the part that i knew it was going to be easy so I picked a good fast pace and cruised through the rest of the race. 

I finished with a time of 58 minutes and 6 seconds. So that's  an average of 9:22 per mile. (we all know those first miles were way slower than the last.) This is me after the race, but clearly not JUST  after because I am smiling.


Here are some cute crafty things that I made for our kitchen!  

 The most time consuming was actually all the little magnets. 

{Moral of the story} 
Somethings we do if only to show ourselves that we can.