The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

{Yes I'm talking about CHRISTMAS!}

Everyone Know that the very best thing about Christmas (next to celebrating the birth of Christ, clearly.) is the presents! Now don't go making me out to be some kinda greedy guppy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE gift giving! More specifically, gift WRAPPING! (not the kind Lil' Jon be doin') This year I discovered the absolute COOLEST way to personalize each package to give to my loving family. (aww... sweet.) It all started when I decided, after wondering around the craft store for a good hour or more, to make this! see picture:

It's a Christmas (rhinestone) M to hang on our door! M stands for our last name, but mostly for Merry. As in, "have a Merry Christmas!"

 After that came along Ben's birthday. I had to wrap the gift that I got for him. As AWESOME as it was, I had to follow my theory: It's not about what is it. It's about how it's wrapped. So I had to get creative. I was puzzling till my puzzler was sore (name that movie.) Then it hit me! I'd thought of something I hadn't before. (still with the movie, same one though.) I looked down and there were all the left over rhinestones. So I used then to put a B, stand's for Ben, on the gift. Now it's turned into this. See picture:

Letters of the first name of the recipient. :) clever ay?
 Now at long last we will have beautiful gifts to put under our Christmas tree. See Picture. Maybe by the time Christmas Eve rolls around it will be strong enough to hold up a piece of glitter for decoration. Worth a shot at least!

If you look closely you can see that there are actually TWO "trees." However, after this picture was taken, tragedy struck and the blinds took out the smaller of the two. He had no chance. 


It's not what it is, Its how it's wrapped.