I decided that I would write this quick blog post. I don't really know what about just yet, we'll just have to see what happens- the ultimate ramble. 

Today I counted. I only have to go to work 8 more times before I become a for-realsie SAHM (that means stay at home mom-for those of you that weren't in the know, now you are.) That's right ladies and gents, {although I'm pretty sure there are <5 gents that read my blog} I'm quitting my job to do... nothing. Or am I quitting my job to do everythin? I'm a little curious to see how I adjust from full time working mom to full time mom. I have a few projects to keep me occupied for the transition:
  1. Ian starting solid foods! 
  2. finish that blanket I started shortly after discovering I was pregnant.
  3. clean my filthy, grimy, yucky apartment. 
  4. feed my husband (and myself) actual meals. 
  5. paint my toesies. 
Not necessarily in that order. Actually if you just switch #2 and #3, I guess it is. Hopefully it occupies me enough that I don't drive anyone (namely Ben) insaine. 

Side note: I noticed that I interrupt myself A LOT.
Parentheses are my friend. 
Do you think this might be an early sign of mental instability,
or perhaps it's a indication of an active mind?
...Let's go with the latter.

Has anyone else noticed how AMAZING my husband is? I mean, dang! He's working and schooling at the same time so I can just focus on moming and wifeing. (yes, those are indeed verbs. At least now they are.) I don't really know many men that are selfless enough to do that. Then again, I don't really know many men. Plus he's hot, smart and funny. Yep, I got the whole package. (that feeling you have right now? That would be envy ;} )

I'm so excited, I'm going to use some of this time to find what I'm good at. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm a great person, wife, mom... but I don't really know what THING I'm good at. You know? That probably, didn't make any sense. I kind of feel like a present that hasn't been unwrapped yet. Like, who doesn't love presents with the shiny paper, ribbons and bows and other glorious embellishments? Even with the fanciest paper and sparkiest extras, what really matters is what's inside of the present. I'm just excited to use the up coming years to see what's inside of this extremely physically attractive present ;)  Just kidding, I promise I'm not really that vain, I just couldn't resist; the metaphor was too good of a set up. 

oh look a cute baby: