Today I did Nothing

I haven't blogged in a while because I feel like there has to be something interesting that happens for me to blog about. But let's face it, my life is pretty.... {depending on the moment this word can change; boring, exiting, amazing, lame, rewarding, sacrificial- the list goes on}

But today, and most everyday, I've done nothing. When I say that I've done nothing of course I don't mean that I laid in bed in a vegetable-like state, or I spent the day wasting away in front of the television. What I mean is that all I've done are little thing's that at the end of the day when my husband asks me what I've done melt away and I respond with "nothing."

Today I read this blog post and it resonated with me, I felt like I could have written it, exept that I just have one child and I don't live in a residence large enough to permit stairs. So I took a microscope to my day to figure out, what it is that I need a break from. This is what I've come up with, something's are my duty while other's are my privilege, often thing's that are duties one day are privileges the next or vise-versa

What "Nothing" consists of:
  • waking up, not because I'm ready or my body is ready to, but because I'm needed elsewhere.
  • Nursing every 3-4 hours (thankfully we're no longer in the 2.5-3 hour blocks)
  • Changing a diaper for the umpeeth time that day 
  • Wiping spit up off of Ian, myself, the couch, the floor 
  • Acting as a carnival ride or jungle gym
  • preparing a meal or snack (x2or3)
  • cleaning the meal or snack off the floor, high-chair, child, and wherever else it may have ended up.(x2or3)
  • Convincing Ian to take a nap and taking one myself, again waking up when Ian needs me to. 
  • Read/talk to Ian: "ball. that's your ball." "pppfffffttttt." "that's Jesus. this is Moses" and some of the more common phrases, "no, Ian, that's not for you." "not in your mouth" "gentle, be gentle"....
  • pick-up just because he's tired of being on the ground or need's an extra cuddle.
  • Wipe snotty nose
  • play tickle monster/ Imma get you! and patty cake
  • wipe away the tears after a rough tumble or disappointing moment.
  • chores- if I'm lucky or particularly determined
  • work-out/shower (either after bed time or while dodging a particularly curious baby)
  • make dinner
  • Bath time
  • Wrestle Ian into clean jams and get ready for bed
  • clean up after dinner (honestly, this doesn't always happen until the next day)
While I am very glad that I am able to stay at home and that I don't HAVE to work and that I get to have precious moment's with my boy, I am mostly glad becuase of what it mean's for him. I'm glad he has a mom and dad that are concerned with how his day's are spent. But I'm also sorry that these duties and privileges melt down to "nothing" becuase this is my world. I'm sorry that sometimes I throw myself a pity party because I feel bored, or frustrated, or under-appreciated.

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