OK OK OK. I know I haven't exactly been the best blogger lately. Honestly, I probably wont be until school gets out. Life got crazy, but not any more interesting. How does that even happen?! If life INSISTS on keeping me super duper busy, it can at least keep  me entertained as well. 

{ Happenings from Fathers day weekend}
One day as I was walking home from work and was strolling past a gently flowing body of water I thought to myself, "self,it would be quite fun to float a paper boat down that." So I went home and typed up an official challenge to our friends. It would be a formal paper boat race. There were rules on the materials that were aloud, but nothing else. we would sail the following Saturday. 

The husbands took this seriously. At least mine did. I was in the kitchen making potato salad (for the BBQ we were going to have beforehand) and when I cam back he had crafted a skeleton for a full on ship! After making the skeleton, he fully intend to fold individual paper timbers for the side. I told him he was taking it too seriously, he didn't deny it so i said, "Fine. Then I'm going to make pirate ship sails." I sure showed him who the boss is...? 

{Proof that I'm not lying}
P.S you're not allowed to make funny of how stupid my faces are in any of these.
This was turned the right way till i put it on here and I can't change it!

That's not our baby by the way. He's cute as heck though!

Yeah, I don't know what my face is doing either...

The Husbands doing manly things... and supervising

Our boat. We named it the Colossis!

Did anybody else notice that the Colossis is much less colossal than  the other boats? 
FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT OR TWO OR THREE OR FOUR. OK, four might be going a little overboard. (get it?! Overboard? this was about paper ships?... well, I thought it was funny.) 
{Moral of the story}
Life is as fun as you're willing to make it. 


  1. Haha your blogs always make me smile. Its good to know your happy.

  2. hmmm I'm going to have to steal this paper boat race party idea sometime