They took my wisdom...

Today I went to the dentist bright and early. Before I was supposed to be there for my 7am appointment, I was supposed to fast for 12 hours. BUT, little did they know that the day before I had my lunch break at 3:30 and didn't get off work until after 7:30. Therefore I had a 10 and a half our fast! I figured it rounds up. And my dinner of choice? Donuts and hot cocoa, of course!

What happened when I got there this morning:

I walked up to the reception desk and the lady hands me a paper to sign saying that if I die or need a bigger surgery because they screwed up, at least they warned me. Then she asked if i was fasting. Without missing a beat, I said, "Yep, I'm hungry."

After that the dental assistant or hygienist (I'm not really sure which.) asked if I was ready to go back and I said something along the lines of "only if my husband comes with me."

Then I sit in the chair and they put some pads on my chest and to the bottom of my rib cage to monitor my heart while I'm under sedation. My confidence in this office was almost shot when one of the ladies setting me up asked the other if she ever figured out how to do this. 

Next they put this blue thing over my nose so that I would breath in the nitrous oxide. Shortly after my body started to get all tingly and it was hard to visually focus on anything and the chick asks me if "the gas is helping me to relax" All the while I can hear my heart rate increase on the machine. Yeah sure I'm always relaxed when I loose my functionality, stupid head! Of course that's not what I said- never let em' see ya sweat. Next the doctor that is doing the IV comes in (nice man) and asks if I've ever had an IV or donated blood. I told him "Yes and I used to donate plasma all the time, I'm a pretty easy stick."
That seemed to make him feel a lot better. He did a good job, I almost didn't feel it at all, then again they do use a teeny tiny needle for it. shortly after he gave me "The Stuff" He asked how I was feeling and I said "fine" meaning, the same as before you did anything. Then I don't really remember anything except a few exchanges like "two down two to go" and the doctor pulling my teeth asking for some dood-a-ma-dad. Then I was good. I had bloody gauze hanging out of my mouth for the next few hours. But i was good. 

These used to be in my mouth. Now they are not.

After that was all over, been and I went to the store to get some extra strength Tylenol and food that I could eat. Then I had the grand idea to go to Deseret Book to get something to keep me entertained. I sat down to look at this book about Greg Olsen's Paintings. Almost instantly after I decide that I want it but probably better not spend that much on a book of paintings I see a drop of blood hit one of the pages. So I tried my best to wipe the drop off the glossy pages. I walk over to Ben and say (as best as you can say anything with a very numb mouthful of soggy gauze) "We have to get this. I bled on it." He expected me to say something a little more profound, like "We have to get this, It's phenomenal." 

Lastly, we go home and I change the gauze in my mouth to something a little less soggy. and take a nap for more than a few hours. when I woke up to take the ibuprofen and extra strength Tylenol and eat something, I was surprised. I think that my mouth had gotten even more numb. About three hours later I took another long nap and woke up to take more pills and go back to sleep, then I woke up again for even more pills to find 1) I was starving to death and 2) the numbness was gone. I know you're thinking, "that stinks." But really my mouth doesn't hurt that bad. I bet I could even go to work if I had to. But I don't, so I won't

{moral of the story}
When having a numb mouthful of bloody gauze, don't carefully inspect anything that you're unwilling to pay for.