We've only been married for 2 months and ALREADY our marriage is riddled with fightscriticism, lying, and stealing.

But the fights are only tickle fights, the criticism is always constructive, the "lying" takes place in bed on lazy afternoons, and he's always stealing kisses from me.

We're getting this marriage thing down bit by bit. AND! Our apartment is actually coming together SLOWLY, all that's left are the details (and getting a microwave) and everyday, or at least every week we face a new and exciting challenge. Ok, so maybe the challenges are sometimes less than new and not exactly exciting. 
Either way, we LOVE being married. I can't wait to put a zero on the end of that two and change the "months" to "years" because although our challenges will be different, I'm certain they'll still be exciting. 

Don't worry about us, we'll be just fine. :)

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