Bumps in the night

Good news guys! I really do have a baby growing inside of me! This last week I 1) grew a bigger bump over night. 2) Felt the little person move! 3) got his/her very first baby clothes. But one thing at a time. 

Here's the bump:

SEE!  told you it got bigger! p.s. sorry my phone takes cruddy pictures, we'll buy a real camera someday soon. 

Now for the really fun part! It was probably like Friday or Saturday night I was lying there on the couch thinking about the baby and wonder how things were going in there, (it's amazing how clueless you can be to something happening inside of you...) when I realized that I was/am far enough along that I should be able to feel it move so I tried to lay even more still and after a while.... nothing. So, I got up went about my normal business and later went to bed. I decided, what the heck, I'll try it again and shortly later I felt this little.... twitchy fluttery movement it the babies room! It's awesome! Now I feel it all the time, as long as I'm still and not too focused on other things. I'm so glad to feel something in there instead of just being tired and nauseous and hungry all the time.  (By the way nausea is still the same, maybe week 18 will bring my relief...cross your fingers.) The last couple of nights when I feel the baby move (and Ben isn't up late doing homework) I'll grab Ben's hand and put it where I feel the kicks/elbows and ask if he feels it. I know it's not strong enough for him to yet, but it's fun to try. That is, until I wake him up for the umpteenth time for the same old nothing... I mean it's not nothing but, well, you know!

Oh, so! side note:
 Just as I was typing that little section I could feel the baby moving like crazy so I told Ben to come see if he could feel it, and he thinks he might have!!! :) The kid practically jumped out; for sure the strongest movement I've felt thus far. 

This weekend I also got to see my best friend Kendra and her husband Ty. I know them both from my hometown in Arizona, so I think of those friends as my favorite. Not that I don't love you all. We just had time to meet up for lunch and it was so good to see them again. Plus they came bearing gifts for baby! We haven't really bought anything for him/her yet because we're still calling it him slash her. (Actually, we call it him. I asked Ben what were going to do if it is a she and we've been calling her him all this time. He said that she would never need to know...) Anyways, So Ty and Kendra got us our very first baby clothes! Its a package of four 3 month onesies and our favorite one is just grey and in silver letters it says "loved". So perfect! There were also some wipes and baby lotion and baby wash. I gotta say, I'm really excited to have a baby, March 11th seems almost too far away!

 {moral of the story}
It's more fun being pregnant when you can tell there's a mini-human in there.

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