16 and pregnant

Sixteen weeks pregnant that is. I haven't really been taking any bump shots because well, there wasn't much of a bump to shoot. Till now. Some of you out there are going to be inclined to maybe break out the magnifying glass and maybe ask, "what bump?" and maybe quietly wonder if I really am prego. But I am, and it's there. Here, see for yourself:

I'm trying to look happy in that picture but right then, I really just wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. This is the best happy that Mikka could drag out of me in spite of the way I felt. That's what Best Friends are for after all, right? Plus they know what kinds of bad pictures are good enough to put on a blog and the ones that ought to be deleted el pronto.   

When I went to my last appointment I remember the Midwife telling me some things like "this is the best part"  and "now eating wont seem as much like a chore." and somewhere in there I could have swore I heard the phrase "more energy."  Lies. All lies. I feel the same as trimester one and now my pants don't even fit as well. Seriously, I don't know what I would do if I had a job that I had to wear real clothes instead of scrubs. I <3 stretchy pants. and tums. It's not that the pants are much tighter, I think it's just that its tight enough in all the wrong places, like right over my bladder. 

But I can't wait to see the little guy or gal. I decided I hate being pregnant (and reserve the right to change my mind at anytime) but I'll do it over and over again to have kids because I LOVE THEM. alot. I think Ben is thinking about maybe getting excited sometime soon too. It's hard to blame him too much though. As soon as he can see or hear or feel it, then it will be more real for him. I've had non-stop reminders that there's something there for months and he's just had a hungry, nauseous, tired, cranky wife with mood swings to remind him. 

{moral of the story}
The second trimester isn't as good as you think it will be. 

Oh yeah! and while you're here, take my poll. It's just to the right up there somewhere.

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