Working things out

Ben and I both consider ourselves to be pretty athletic individuals. The similarities in this particular field, however,  there.  Well, maybe thats not entirely true. We both ran distances when we were in high school track, so maybe we have that; still, it's not very much. The reason I mention this is because as our little married-couple-bonding-activity thing (I guess married people are supposed to do that kinda stuff? I dunno, don't ask me, I'm just a newlywed.) we work out together. When we did this the first time or two is was more like we would go to the gym together only to quickly separate and go to our respective areas: me to the treadmills and other aerobic equipment, and him to the free weights and machines with all the other sweaty men that grunt and stink and sweat and stink and grunt some more. (they stink and grunt and sweat a lot. It's amazing how much some of these guys do this! there are guys that you can see only like 10% of their shirt is still dry! I avoid them cuz of the stink factor. And the grunting! wholly unnecessary. I get a little "oh this is really heavy" sound, but some of these men sound like they're about to have a hernia!) Oh drat. I got off on a tangent and forgot what my point was..... Oh yeah! Yesterday, we did something different. Yesterday is a day I'm kind of regretting today. Because yesterday was the day I weight lifted with Ben. (i am suddenly acutely aware of how funny the word yesterday seems...) We did a number of different work outs, and that number is 4. I know that doesn't seem like a lot, just wait. First, we did a work out known as dead lift. let me say that again, in case you didn't understand- DEAD lift. Clearly, the point of this work out is to kill you. WELL THE JOKE IS ON THAT WORK OUT! I only wish I were dead, so there. . Second, we did squats. the kind with the bar across your shoulders and weights on either end. This particular workout sucks for two reasons. One: because you use your muscles so they hurt the next few days, that's kind of obvious though. Two: because  you rest the bar behind your neck, it  also hurts for the next few days. Third, we did these side crunch dealey-bobs on yoga balls. This one wasn't terrible except that I lack grace have ZERO balance on spherical shaped items. Fourth, we did calf raises using this weird machine. I'll be honest, that one wasn't to bad. Kind of fun actually. Moral of the story: avoid dead lift and squats with that cursed bar.Today I got my revenge. Ok, no I didn't but  at least I was the one that knew what I was doing. Today  we went swimming. You might not know this, so I'll tell ya: I swim (competitively) . Pretty well, if I do say so myself. Ben however, (how to put this nicely...) doesn't. Well, I mean he swims in that he can move around in the water but, he lacks any kind of form or...flow. There was a brief moment when I was standing by the wall and he was "swimming" towards me....-When I was a Sophomore in high school, I taught swim lessons. Because I actually could swim, they had me teach the upper levels. I hate teaching older kids (like 9ish years old) to swim because even though you know what you're talking about they don't always listen to you when you tell them to change something so they can be better. Ben reminded me of this today. I gave him advice on how to be better and I might as well have been talking to the wall. I can't be sure, but maybe his thoughts were these: "If it's tiring, then it's working out. Working out is difficult. Swimming like this is  extremely tiring and quite difficult, so it must be an extremely good work out." Allow me to clarify. This is the thought process that leads to injuries. In any case, It was nice to get in the water again, even if my council went unheeded. Maybe eventually he'll find my advice is worth taking. 


  1. Lol John is trying to find an "activity" for us to do together... His first suggestion, MOUNTAIN BIKING. Um no thank you.

  2. hahahaha Ben swimming. Great image :)