sometimes LIFE happens

I've got some pretty good news and some really bad news.... what-da-ya want first folks?

.... well, I guess you can't really respond to that, so I'll just tell ya. 

{good news}
I got my financial aid check in yesterday!! yay money!  There is precious little of that round here. I went to the bank to deposit the check from my financial aid and one that was a wedding present. (If I would have known you get so much stuff and money when you get married, I would have done it sooner! I...er, I mean, WE got the sweetest waffle maker EVER! It's like the Cadillac of breakfast cookery!) I would have deposited another one, but technically my last name isn't Mauriala yet, so I couldn't. 

I'm going to pause for a minute and teach you all how my new last name is pronounced.
It's tricky, I know. When Ben and I were still dating I didn't know how to say it. I only learned when I introduced him to someone at a party and he gave then a tutor session on it and I payed VERY close attention. 
Mauriala. It starts off like the Island of Maui (Hawaii) only replace the "we" sound with a "re" sound. Now you have Mauri. (That's the hard part.) All thats left is ala. Like Allah, Arabic for "God." Put it all together and you have Mauriala! If you actually said it out loud,even if it took you a few tries, I applaud you. way to stick with it. :)

More good news! I went to the locksmith yesterday and they made another key for my car! YAY! I can drive again!! And instead of costing an arm AND a leg, It just cost a leg and a forearm. :) If I can offer just one piece of advice it would be DON'T LOOSE YOUR ONLY CAR KEY! 

Also, I don't ever have to try and drive Ben's car again! I'm going to enjoy keeping my sanity. :) Partly because I have my own car back, but both of these good news Items (having my car back and never driving Ben's again) happened due to some real bad news...

{bad news}
When my dear husband was on his way to his first class yesterday morning, there may or may not have been an unfortunate incident involving a tricky intersection, and a inconspicuous white car. Ok, there actually was such an incident... said white car and the Caviler got a little too close for comfort at some decently high speeds... Long story short:It involved air bags, bent metal, tow trucks, citation(s), and the itty bitty red car is no more. Or at least we expect as much, we haven't called to see if it's reasonable to repair it or not yet. 

CALM DOWN! Nobody was seriously hurt. Ben has a bruise on his leg/knee and a red area on his arm where the air bag hit and the other kid was fine too. Considering both cars  were totaled, it's pretty amazing! 

Can you believe ALL THIS happened before we even hit the two week mark?! (That's today,  by the way, feels like we've been married longer though.) THE ADVENTURES NEVER CEASE. 

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  1. Every time I drive bye where Ben's car is (which has been a shocking amount considering its just been a day!) I look and feel for you! It'll all work out though! I know it!