Wedding Day...uh..um... Bliss?

{Wednesday April 13th}

This. was. it. I'd been waiting for this day for every moment of my 20 years,  9 months, and 3 days. This was the day I was going to get married! Of course I had planed it out, and in my head, everything ran as smooth as...silk? butter? a baby's butt?... Anyways, things were supposed to go a lot better than they did. 
The reality of it all
It all started when I woke up to the alarm that I had set for 5:45AM (Yeah, I know. why would anyone expect things to go smoothly when waking up that early? Let's just say I wasn't all there after all the last minute planning and late night bouquet making {note: I am not now, nor will I ever be a florist.} Shout out to Hannah and Mikka for helpin' with that.I stumbled out of bed and accomplished next to nothing in the 15 minutes before I was to wake up my sister at 6:00am. When I got in her room and gently said to her "it's 6" she was very prompt to inform me that it was not actually 6 but rather FIVE...IN THE MORNING!  

I will now enlighten you on just how this preposterous mishap occurred: As you may know, when you change time zones your cell phone will adjust it's time accordingly all by its self without any help from you at all...NONE! However, on this particular trip, I neglected to realize that iPods do not do this. You have to go into the settings and fix this little detail yourself. If you do not change it and set an alarm to wake you up at a certain time, it will do that... in Idaho time. On the upside, better an hour early, than an hour late! So, I went back to bed  :} and tried it all again 45 minutes later but ending up with a Slightly happier sister. 

For those of you who watch , (and those that don't, should start) Do you remember "The one where nobody's ready?" That is EXACTLY how this was! 20 minutes before we are supposed to have left, my hair was still in curlers, my mom had not showered, One of my nieces was still dead to the world (that means asleep), Neither of them were clean or had anything to wear. My dad was the only human that had his game on except he wasn't going to get dressed till we got to Temple grounds. (I cant say I really blame him though, tuxes are hot. or so I'm told) For this reason, we cast him as Ross. 

FINALLY we make it out the door! Only, wait, I forgot my phone. {took a frikkin search party to find!}-out the door again. Ope. Dad forgot his meds- out the door, again. Shoot! I forgot my homemade bouquet, (let's be real for a bit, it looks EPIC for homemade. You wouldn't know it was if I didn't tell ya.) -out the door AGAIN! Fortunately, we are done with the "forgots" and are actually on the road!!

*grumbly*grumbly* ... you guessed it! I still haven't eaten. So we need to stop somewhere and get something to eat that is FAST. were lookin' around..  Mom: "McDonalds?" me: GAG!  Dad: "sonic?" me: "not fast enough.... ALBERTSONS!! I can run in and just grab some muffins and juice, its close to the front!"  now, at least we have a plan. 

{It went better in my head!} 

I get into Albersons, it seemed like everyone was STARING and wondering why my hair is so fancy. NOT a show, people! I just needed muffins and juice! I grab the goods and all but sprint to the checkout (in heels). Of Course this is when all the decrepit old people shop and theres only ONE open lane. after an eternity and a half, I'm was getting checked out. RIGHT in the middle of this, some old guy came up and started negotiating a coupon deal with MY cashier! Of all the times for a coupon discrepancy, really!? And isn't that what customer service is for?! Obviously, things have gotten out of hand and it needed to be dealt with. So, with a less than polite tone, I said "excuse me, I'm running late to my own wedding, can you please just finish me up?" -and that's how we do it. 

On the way to Mesa,  my mother and I turned the cab of my dads truck into a mobile beauty salon. I did her hair the best I was able to with that darned head rest in the way. and we both did our make up. Note: the interstate seems to be much less smooth when attempting to put on liquid eyeliner- or any eyeliner for that matter.Minus one or two smallish traffic jams and no decent parking spots, there are no other major hold ups. After all this, I got to the Temple mostly put together and with more than a slightly elevated stress level only 10 minutes late. :) Looking back, I'd do it all again when it means Eternity with  my best friend.  

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  1. You are the best blogger ever!!!! And if it was even possible I love you even more! Also, this will be a common occurance (they say thats not a word?! I give up with stupid spell check!). I shall be commenting on every post. Love you :)