My Married Life

It's no surprise, everyone knows, I'm blonde. But, oh man... does this ever take the frikkin cake! (read on and you'll see what I'm talkin about)

{Allow me to start from the beginning}

SO! Before our wedding was a cRaZy week! (I know, I hate it when people type like that too. but it seemed fitting.) During our wedding was a (here it comes again) cRaZy week! And after our wedding was a (last time, I swear it.) cRaZy week! That's a lot of CRAZY, People!Three weeks worth, to be exact.         
Here's why:
It was the last week of school and along with one can expect finals (lots of them!), packing, cleaning, and (in my case) wedding planning. but all the boring stuff (table clothes) you put off so that you could do the fun stuff (wedding dress). Oh! and I started a new job that week too. Now, personally, I think I handle things with more grace than a lot of people do. But this, all this, was starting to get to me. Thankfully, that week ended just as I was at my breaking point. 

I really shouldn't have to type anything under this section at all. There was lots to do still! Some of it never even got done! example: guest book? nope we didn't have one. and you know what? I didn't even notice until just now. It's probably for the best though. Not  very many people showed up, and I don't really want a fancy  bound book to remind me of it. There was so much left over cake!  I'm pretty sure there is still at least a half a sheet at my dad's house.                                 

Is  it  just me , or does no one respect R.S.V.P requests anymore? Out of all the invitations  that I sent out to either the Ring Ceremony or the  Temple Ceremony I got  about 5 that I didn't have to specifically ask people for. I even tried to make it as easy on people as possible. All I wanted was a  quick email sayin',  "yeah we're comin", or  "nope sorry,  my pet rock will be sick that day." not a huge request I don't think. So, because of this rather frustrating experience  I have solemnly sworn to reply to EVERY R.S.V.P request I am sent. Because, after all R.S.V.P sands for répondez, s'il vous plaît or "please respond" (in French) not "please ignore or assume I know what you're going to do."
   where was I...

And this, my friends, is where we are now. Well.... sorta. It's been more than a week but things are still cRaZy (sorry, I guess I lied about the last time being the last time). For arguments sake, we'll start this the Saturday after our wedding. We had to pack all Ben's things and the few items I brought with me for the time I spent home. We also helped one of my very best friends move out of her apartment (It's amazing how, even in the midst of insanity, you can always find the time for service. There's my little LDS plug for ya, Jesus rocks!) Then we, and by we I mean Ben, proceeded to load all the packed items into the itty bitty red car. I tried to help, but when I incorrectly placed a candle, I decided I'd better not. Then we got in the car and drove our happy butts up to Idaho by cover of night so that we could arrive at our new apartment the same time as the office opened  so that we could move in. But we were about and hour early, so we decided it would be a good time to pick up my car. 

Before  heading down to Arizona to get married, I had to move out of my apartment.  But  I was just going to be coming back up to Idaho a week and a  half  latter so it would have been pointless to take all of my stuff down with me only to haul it all back up. Solution? I loaded almost all of my earthly possessions, even my HAIRDRYER (because I had to pack light), in my car. Then I parked someplace safe enough, then I locked it and rode down to Arizona with another friend. 

We get to where I parked my car only to find that I did not place my car keys where I thought I did. So what do we do? Naturally, we tear apart the carefully packed car looking for them. NO LUCK. Thats right- they are nowhere in the car to be found.  we decide to wait till we get into our apartment to look further. Then we go back to our complex and wait for the mangers to show up. Remember, we are still early so we are just sitting in the parking lot. (I used my  time wisely and slept because it had been a while. Ben, who drove the whole way cuz i can't drive a standard, did not. crazy man.) we finally get into our apartment and diligently search through everyone of my bags and in the folds of every stitch of clothing. NADA!So, I call my dad and have him search the house when he gets off work and we go about the rest of our to do list hopelessly exhausted and... hopeless.  At the end of the day we settle down on our less than cozy floor for a good- well, a nights rest anyhow. "Why the floor?" you ask? Because we live in an unfurnished apartment.

On Thursday and amazing thing happened!! Our very first piece of furniture arrived via UPS! We are now the proud owners of a bed frame! still no mattress to put on it though. Yet another wonderful night of sleeping on the floor awaits us. Joy. Also, we broke into my car on Thursday to get out my hairdryer, and everything else, because the ever elusive car keys are still MIA. Yep, I've really out done myself with that one. 

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  1. Haven't you ordered a mattress?! I thought you were done with this whole floor nonsense! And you're blonde hair is pretty at least so it's okay if you're a little spacey in my book!