Bring on the baby

On Tuesday I had my 38 week appointment to check and see how things are going. Well, they're going. Or so I thought. 

As of Tuesday morning I was 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. Cool beans right? So then I went to work and shortly thereafter started having pretty regular contractions that were a quite a bit stronger than what I had grown accustomed to with Brackston Hicks. I have to say, I was getting pretty stoked. In pain and discomfortable maybe; but it was a means to an end. 

Fast forward through my whole workday, all night, and the whole next work day: still contracting...still pregnant. I gotta say there's nothing quite like an 8 hour work shift while in labor. Except for two 8 hour work days with little sleep in between.  At my most productive I think I'm almost half as efficient as I otherwise have been. Unless I'm having a contraction, then all productivity immediately ceases.  Why not just go home you ask? Good question, I guess it's because slow help is better than no help (win for the co-workers) and being on my feet might make him actually be born sometime this century (win for me) plus it gets my mind off of things a little. I'm terrible at doing nothing. 

That's not to say there aren't things I should be doing (like statistics homework or studying for that test I have coming up way too soon). I just prefer to pretend  those obligations don't exist. Grocery shopping and blog posts about still being pregnant are a much better waste use of my time and energy.

{moral of the story}
This kid doesn't really want to be born.

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