that dam 10k

At the begging of this semester Mikka and I decided that we would start training for the Teton Dam 10K. (and you thought I had a potty mouth, shame!) Welp, that was this weekend! for the two week period before hand I had run a whopping 2 times! Admittedly, not exactly the best method of training  for a running event...I probably could have done better but all things considered, I think I killed it

In the morning before the race Mikka came to pick me up we stood around a waited for our race to start, snapped the beauty below, then waited around a bit more thinking about the dreaded hill I would be running up.  


 Then we all gathered behind the start line in no particularly organized fashion and waited for the starting gun. The we were off! I started off at a pace slightly faster than what I would normally pick for a long race like this and was almost immediately distracted by the 6ish year old boy that was passing me (who, by the way, I never caught up to. my pride is a little sore...) 

Mile 1 was pretty easy because it was fairly level and I was still just warming up a bit. Mile 2 was nice a level for the first bit but then we turned a corner and There it was.The hill that would not stop for another 2 or maybe it was 3 miles. I can't be too sure since I've worked hard to try and blot that from my memory. Anyhow, it's safe to say that the second half of mile two and all of mile 3 and the first half  of 4 SUCKED. (it's over now though.) Then I got to the part that i knew it was going to be easy so I picked a good fast pace and cruised through the rest of the race. 

I finished with a time of 58 minutes and 6 seconds. So that's  an average of 9:22 per mile. (we all know those first miles were way slower than the last.) This is me after the race, but clearly not JUST  after because I am smiling.


Here are some cute crafty things that I made for our kitchen!  

 The most time consuming was actually all the little magnets. 

{Moral of the story} 
Somethings we do if only to show ourselves that we can.  

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