where are we?

{Once upon a Saturday}
One of my very best friends in the whole entire WORLD got married on Saturday. Sadly, I had to work until two, so I was unable to attend the ceremony. Thank goodness I was still able to attend the reception. 
This wedding  reception would take place  in a small town  just of to the side of the middle of Utah some  272 miles from  my current residence. (I will NOT  be calling this place home, If in future posts I slip up, please feel free to slap me via comment.) This reception also  started at 6:30, Just enough time to drive four and a half hours, hang out for one or two and drive all the way back.

 {Getting there was half...no, the entire battle}
The first tragedy to strike occurred (of course) at the worst possible time. Just as we started the leg of our little journey that was Completely desolate of any services (such as food) Mikka (<-BFFaeae) and I decide that we're right on the verge of starving to death. Shortly after making this discovery  we decided that the very next chance we got we would stop to get food. After missing an exit  or two that may have contained a subway we were desperate. Eventually we found an exit with a Wendy's (yeah, we were that desperate.) I asked Ben, who was in the back, if he wanted anything and all he wanted was a drink from the gas station just up the road a bit. After we got our food we drove over to the gas station and to my disappointment there was a Quiznos. Figures that after I buy crap food to eat there is good food just down the road. 
The Next tragic event is the main purpose of this post. You know how sometimes you expect something to make your life easier and it does very much the opposite? This is the story of Mikka's GPS (aka: Topanga) (don't ask, just accept it). At the start of our trip, we put in the address of the church in Grantsville where the reception would take place. Did Topanga guide us there? of course not that would make life far to simple.After Topanga ran us around in circles for a short while, we decided (yet again, because this is not the first time she's done this) that she cannot be relied on and made our way to the nearest gas station to obtain more reliable directions. 
Here is how the conversation with the gas station cashier went:
Me:I have kind of a stupid question... where are we?
Her:On the corner of Some st. and Some Other St.
Me:... In what city?
Her:(stares with an, "are you serious?" kind of look.) Some town that is NOT Grantsville

After talking with her a little further we found that she cannot even tell us where Grantsville is but she kindly pointed us to the city maps. Cuz Mikka and I are Expert map readers...After we struggled to even unfold them we searched for Grantsville on the map and not having any luck for a good 2 or 3 minutes we found it. Now, let me tell ya, it's very hard to find how to get somewhere when you are not even entirely sure where you currently are. We think the town  might have started with an L... We decided that we would just get on the Interstate and head west because we think that we were more east than the place on the map that said Grantsville. 

Eventually we got there. (no help to Topanga). The reception was fantastic! My very first thought after walking through the door was, "wow, this is nice!" second thought, "this must have cost a ton!" There was even a photo booth, AND you could take an unlimited amount of pictures! But the very best part was getting to see Kendra all dressed up like a bride should be. It was also way good to see all of my other friends that I hadn't seen in a long while. We stayed there, at food, hung out, and visited with friends for two or three hours then started our trek northward. 

NO SURPRISE, Topanga was unable to lead us back to the I-15. But, in her defense, she did get us driving right along side it. We found our way onto it with out TOO much trouble and got home with no further incidences. 


Don't trust the GPS.


  1. I love that I'm in this one!! Aaah Topanga, love her but she needs some help! Think we would of learned this lesson by now!!

  2. I also do not trust the GPS anymore...